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Biggest Food Festivals in Canada

Biggest Food Festivals in Canada - Biggest Food Festivals in Canada

With a love of food comes a lot of food festivals. The passion and love for food that exists throughout Canada can be seen by visiting these festivals and will provide anybody with an experience that they will never forget.

Ottawa Poutine Fest

The Ottawa Poutine Festival is a great festival to experience poutine in its traditional and experimental forms. The festival has many fun activities such as a poutine eating contest and potato sack races. The festival also features live music and entertainment and has proven to be a success year after year, with many poutine and food lovers attending.

Biggest Food Festivals in Canada 1 - Biggest Food Festivals in Canada

Winterlicious – Toronto Canada – January/February

Come Winter, the food scene in Canada changes just as much as the weather. This festival is held in Toronto, known as Canada’s top Food Destination. The main event hosts over 200 restaurants and all of them participate in the event to showcase their dishes. This is one of Canada’s most remarkable food events and provides a fantastic tasting experience for all food lovers.

Prince Edward Island Fall Flavors Festival – Charlottetown – September

The Prince Edward Island Fall Flavors Festival is an important food festival in Canada and lasts over a month to celebrate the love and passion of food in Canada. The festival’s main event is International Shellfish and lobster party on the beachside and the Beef n Blues party. The festival brings many well-known international chefs to showcase their dishes.

Dine Out Vancouver Festival – Vancouver – Mid January

The Dine Out Vancouver Festival spans over 17 days of exciting showcases by Vancouver’s best restaurants. More than 200 restaurants are present with fixed-price menus to indulge in. Established in 2002, the festival has been going strong, drawing the attention of international foodies to come and experiment with Canadian cuisine as well as international ethnic cuisines.

Taste of the Caribbean – Montreal – Mid June

The Taste of the Caribbean festival celebrates Caribbean food, culture, and music. The festival showcases tasteful Caribbean foods and the chefs behind the dishes. Some of the most famous Caribbean chefs, such as Jae Anthony, usually attend to provide attendees with a tasteful experience.

These events are happening throughout the year and provide an excellent experience for food lovers.