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Canadas’s food scene is one to experience and is one of the reasons for Canada to be a hotspot with tourists. With cuisine-rich destinations in the country such as Ontario, there’s plenty to experience food-wise and will provide an unforgettable experience with dining.

With love for food in Canada and many top chefs making their way to the country to showcase their recipes, the food scene is growing each year and gaining a reputation as an essential food destination for food lovers worldwide to visit.

If you are travelling through Canada and want to experience some of the most exciting culinary experiences of your life, visit Tango Bistro for vital information on where to find the best restaurants in Canada which cuisines to indulge in.

We provide top-rated restaurants lists for all tourists and locals to stay updated on all the latest restaurants that create waves in the food industry. Foodie destinations such as Ontario can provide any food lover with a great experience enjoying a large variety of cuisines with a traditional Canadian twist.

With a complicated yet exciting food scene being developed throughout the country, we provide vital information on how the food scene is changing, growing, and becoming world-renowned for the various cuisines and styles of restaurants available.

As a magazine about food, we strive to keep all food-lovers up to date on the food industry in Canada and provide factual and interesting guides into experiencing Canada’s food scene. Travelling through Canada can provide you with a great experience in dining and casual eating and sharing the traditional elements in Canadian food.

By frequently visiting Tango Bistro, you will be able to stay up-to-date on where the industry is heading, where to dine, where to grab a quick bite, and how to experience the Canadian food scene. Visiting the country’s food capital ‘Toronto’ can provide an exceptional dining experience with traditional and international elements.

Visit Tango Bistro frequently for updated and newly posted articles on the Canadas food scene, the latest restaurants, cuisines, and traditional food experiences.