Canadian Food Blogs

Canadian Food Blogs - Canadian Food Blogs

Throughout Canada, there’s a variety of cuisines and culinary experiences to indulge in. By viewing these blogs, your journey in experiencing Canada’s food scene can be successful and highly enjoyable.

WanderEater –

WanderEater blog is one of Canada’s top magazines for travelling and food. Find out about all the best travels you can have for experiencing a variety of food destinations. They showcase the world’s hottest culinary destinations, recipes, drinks, and even equipment reviews for kitchen equipment.

Find out about the most popular chefs in the world and what their up to, and more.

Nosh and Nibble –

Nosh and Nibble is a Food and Drink blog that details the food, travels, and lifestyle that goes into a great dining experience. The blog was established in Vancouver and provided a lot of information about how you can travel and experience food in Canada. The blog was established in 2015 and posts up to 1 article each week.

Eat This Town –

Eat this town was established in 2012 in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and is a blog focused on food and restaurants in Canada. The blog has food guides, videos, and in-depth research articles into food. The blogger, Lindsay, specializes in regional foods in each province of Canada and believes she is a food tourist at heart.

Toronto Food Blog –

The Toronto Food Blog was established in 2011 and provides its readers with up-to-date information on Toronto’s food scene and where to find the best restaurants. The blogger is known as Ashley Allinson, and she gives budget-conscious guides for food-lovers to enjoy eating out without spending a fortune.

Food Bloggers of Canada

Food Bloggers of Canada is a community of some of the country’s most talented food writers, chefs, and critics. For some of the best articles on healthy recipes, food photographs, and more, visit the Food Bloggers of Canada community that has been going strong since 2011.

Visit any of the blogs on this list or contact Tango Bistro for detailed articles and information on Canada’s food scene and what makes it one of the most tasteful destinations worldwide.