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The Role of Restaurants and Casinos in Tourism

Restaurants and casinos are among the most popular destinations for tourists to visit once they arrive in Canada. It is some of the top earners in the tourism of Canada and the rest of the world. In many countries, casinos play a vital role in entertaining tourists with various shows, games, music, and great dining […]

Biggest Food Festivals in Canada

With a love of food comes a lot of food festivals. The passion and love for food that exists throughout Canada can be seen by visiting these festivals and will provide anybody with an experience that they will never forget. Ottawa Poutine Fest The Ottawa Poutine Festival is a great festival to experience poutine in […]

Top-Rated Authentic Canadian Restaurants

Canadian food is something special, and it shines through with its exciting recipes that are simple yet tasteful and different from any other cuisine. From experiencing the food scene firsthand, it isn’t easy to understand what Canadian food is all about. With traditional Canadian food comes interesting dishes served up with free-range meat and wild-caught […]